Hoodies for Women

Hoodies for Women

Hoodies for women: simple, stylish and season neutral

Hoodies are a clothing type similar to sweatshirts and pullovers, but they have a hood as well as laces for the hood adjustment. Hoodies are widely worn by men as part of casual clothing or sportswear since they allow for easy movement and are perfect for use sweat absorption material. However, nowadays there are hoodies for females as well that are used as activewear, casual clothing as well as winterwear. There are various different types of hoodies that differ in form and functionality depending on the occasion they are used for. With the rising awareness of gender neutrality, this trend has entered the clothing and garment industry as well where hoodies for men are styled as oversized hoodies for women. Oversized hoodies for women give it a casual and cool look. It was started by artists with the rise of the pop culture but now can be seen worn by all communities and ages.

Best hoodies for women by Minimaliste Clothing

Since hoodies are not only worn by men, Minimaliste Clothing has a wide variety of ladies’ hoodies that include printed hoodies for women, embroidered hoodies for women, cropped hoodies for women with the cutest hoodie designs. The hoodies are created with highest quality premium cotton that adds the softness and the embroidery, printing and embossment looks neat and flawless. There are fitness hoodies with a dry fit material that can be worn both in the gym as well as on an outing. The oversized hoodies have quirky quotes and cute designs that are fun and relatable.

Hoodies for women are essential and a must-have to the wardrobe. They can keep you warm, be the perfect gym clothing as well as look stylish and trendy. At Minimaliste Clothing, you can choose from a variety of different hoodies- from solid color monochrome hoodies to cropped fitness hoodies and oversized hoodies for women that are embroidered or printed.

Women’s hoodies can be styled in many different ways. The most classic outdoor look is to pair it up with jeans, denim skirts or shorts. You can add in some funky accessories like earrings or a trendy pair of sunglasses. Hoodies can be worn in all seasons depending on the material used. At Minimaliste Clothing, we have fleece hoodies that are great as winterwear. The material keeps you warm in the cold climate. We do summer hoodies for women that are made of a breathable cotton material. We also make hoodies from a dry fit material that is sweat proof and hence a perfect item of clothing at the gym.

Hoodies can also be paired with joggers or trackpants and a pair of sneakers for a more casual day look. Minimaliste Clothing specializes in making your hoodies last longer so that you get a good value for your money. Our hoodies are made of the highest quality premium fabric that looks as good as new even after 5000 washes. For best results we would recommend drying your hoodies on hangers or a flat surface and not the iron the hoodies regularly. If you are looking for the perfect hoodie for women that fits your style and body structure, then you have landed on the correct page. We bring to you the most comfortable fit; highest quality fabric and most unique designs sat the most reasonable and affordable prices on the website.
We create our own designs that are printed or embroidered with fun and young designs or quirky quotes and self-love captions. The designs are all relatable across generations and are simple and minimal. The designs include printing on the back, front, on sleeves or even on the hood that makes the hoodies look more stylish.

We stock a wide variety of hoodies for women:
Pullovers/sweatshirts- these are the same material, look and feel as hoodies but without the hood. These are usually made of cotton fleece that keeps you warm and cosy in the colder climate. Usually, people pair this up with jeans or joggers depending on comfort levels.

Oversized hoodies- these are similar to sweatshirts but include pockets, hood and laces for hood adjustment. These can be used in cold climate as well as worn as part of a casual hip look depending on how they are styled with other accessories

Cropped hoodies- these are purely for style statement and would form a perfect outfit for a public outing like a concert. The cropped style makes it appropriate as party wear but is comfort wear at the same time.

Fitness hoodies- these are made of a dry fit material that is sweat proof, sweat absorbent and non-itchy printing or embossment. The designs include motivational and sassy quotes that are fitness and exercise related. These can we paired up with leggings or gym pants that make the entire look complete and conducive to the fitness surroundings.

You can shop from a range of hoodies for women that are simple, chic and season-less at Minimaliste Clothing.