Hoodies for Men

Hoodies for Men

Hoodies for men: Simple, statement, seasonless wardrobe essentials

Hooded garments originated in the early 13th Century, but the term hoodie was coined in the 1930s by Knickerbocker Knitting Company which is now known as the brand Champion. Hoodies are essentially contemporary and stylish sweatshirts with a hood. Hoodies were most famously created as hoodies for men, but these days hoodies are worn by men, women and all age groups. They can be worn on various occasions at home or outdoors. Hoodies can be worn as a standalone garment as well as over a vest or t-shirt. Usually, hoodies for men do not have any buttons, hooks or zippers. Instead, hoodies for men feature pockets and laces for hood adjustment. Hoodies initially began as a fitnesswear garment but now have become most popular as versatile clothing as part of casual wear, streetwear and loungewear. In the 1970s, hoodies became the uniform of hip-hop artists due to the rising hip-hop culture. There were funky hoodies for men, graphic hoodies for artists and stylish hoodies for men. Later, hoodies started getting a lot of limelight through movies and other art forms- especially in superhero movies- there were Marvel hoodies for men that started being sold across the globe. People that are inspired by street fashion usually enjoy wearing hoodies as a statement look. Sportspeople usually wore hoodies because of the dry-fit material that makes it sweatproof. They are also conducive to the cold climate. Hoodies made from cotton and fleece fabric are perfect as warm hoodies for men. But nowadays, hoodies are available in various materials including- cotton, lycra, wool, jersey or other synthetic materials. The word hoodie is a short form for a hooded clothing. There are many cool and stylish hoodies for men that are sold both online and in shops across the world. These days hoodies are more of a style and fashion statement and are not only worn as winter hoodies in the cold climate but also sold as summer hoodies for men. The material used for hoodies for men makes them soft, comfortable and cozy. Hoodies for men are perfect to wear for an occasion that is somewhere between casual and formal. For a formal event in a cold place, hoodies for men can be worn above a formal shirt with the shirt collar visible. That is one way to style a hoodie but there are many other ways too. People also buy oversized hoodies for men as a fashion statement.

The perfect hoodie has the right combination of fit and functionality. Hoodies for men are usually plain solid colors, embroidered hoodies or printed hoodies with quirky slogans, motivational quotes, graphics or any other custom designs. At Minimaliste Clothing, we sell a wide range of hoodies for men that are seasonless, simple yet statement. These can be worn all year round and have slogans and quotes printed as well as embroidered designs. The designs are minimalistic especially created for people who believe that less is more. You can choose from variety of embroidered hoodies for men, printed hoodies for men, plain hoodies for men and customized hoodies for men.

Today’s hoodies come in various materials that may not be suitable for the climate and may even look worn off pretty quickly. Minimaliste Clothing hoodies are made of the finest quality premium cotton and tensil lycra that are long-lasting and look as good as new for 5000 washes. The fabric almost feels like a soft blanket. The designs are curated carefully keeping in mind that the hoodies can be used for all sexes, age groups and occasions. Whether you are having a relaxing day at home, stepping out for running errands, going to a party, hitting the gym and everything in between- hoodies are a perfect outfit option. The printed hoodies usually have a catchy slogan or a few words that are relatable. The minimum use of words adds a cool and classy statement. The embroidered hoodies usually have a funny and quirky design that is appealing and eye-catching. The embroidered hoodies for men have a clean finish that is not pricky or itchy upon wearing.

At Minimaliste Clothing we bring to you the best price hoodies for men. You can purchase many different designs and colors and stock up on a collection of hoodies to be worn all year round. Our designs are unique because the embroidery is not usually limited to the pocket or front area like most other hoodies. We create artwork in the most unusual places on the hoodie that add a stylish and funky element to the hoodies for men. Hoodies for men can be paired with jeans, trousers or shorts and accessorized with a funky cap or some basic jewelry or a pair of funky sunglasses. People also like to wear oversized hoodies for men that increase the movement and comfort factor.

At Minimaliste Clothing website, you can browse through a range of fashionable hoodies for men and pick the size based on the size guide. The designs are seasonless, simple and chic.